UBC Concert Winds looking for exemplary high school students and past grads

A message from UBC School of Music:
“UBC ensembles are open to all interested UBC students (including non-majors!).
“In addition to UBC students, we would also consider accepting exemplary high school students into our ensembles, particularly, Concert Winds. This season, we are especially interested in learning about any talented high school clarinet, trumpet, French horn, and percussion students you might currently be teaching. Concert Winds is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to the UBC School of Music and participate in an ensemble that will support their high school music experience while offering them a new challenge. If you have any students who might be good candidates for us, please have them contact me, or put me in touch with them via email. Auditions are scheduled for next week, Sept. 8, 9, and 10th, or with me, by appointment.”
“Concert Winds rehearses on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-8pm at the Chan Centre at UBC. There are two performances per semester. Non-majors can gain elective credits while staying involved in a quality weekly musical activity!”
If interested, contact: Christin Reardon [christinreardon@gmail.com]