Week 4: Sept 28-Oct 2. Its Oboe Week!

This week we are celebrating the oboe and its beautiful sound. There’s a masterclass for all oboe players (and wanna be players) at lunch on Wednesday, Sept 30 in the Band room, from 11:45-12:10. Please don’t be late.

Students should be listening to their band’s assigned music found on the Student’s Page. It’s a great way to know what you are striving for when you practice.

Tuning charts for all LBWE and Intermediate Band students should be completed in the next two weeks, since they are due Oct 9. The Junior Band members will complete a tuning chart next term. Tuning charts can be downloaded from the Forms page. Be sure to read the instructions well before starting and you must complete it with a partner who can read the chromatic tuner.

If you haven’t started looking at your theory test found online on this site, you should. Tests won’t be due until the end of October but you should know what you’re having to do. Ask Dr. MacLennan questions about anything you are unsure of.

This Friday, the Wind Ensemble will be having a retreat which will really “move” them. The day will start at 8:30 a.m. in the Band room and all members should bring lunch (potluck) so we can all share with each other at noon.

This is a reminder that the Junior Intermediate Stay Camp has been changed and will not be occurring Oct 3. Please do not come to the school that day. See the previous post for more info.

Have a great week!