Year end LBWE activities.

This week’s LBWE classes (June 4 & 7) Monday and Thursday morning have been cancelled. Instead, students will be doing their playing tests on Tuesday (be sure to come at the time you’ve signed up for). Percussion will be at lunch Wednesday.

Also, theory tests are due by our final class June 14. Our Monday June 11 class is reserved for students to get extra help with their theory tests. If you have done your tests or feel you don’t need the extra help, you do not have to attend. Let Dr. MacLennan know by email if you plan to come for help.

On Thursday, June 14, our year end breakfast will start at 7:45 am. Please bring food to share among your classmates.

Reminder: the Montreal & Ottawa trip trip deposits are due Friday, June 15. Please hand in earlier if possible. Cheques can be post dated June 15, 2018.