Welcome to a new year!

Welcome to the Band website. Please see the calendar for scheduled events this year.

This year the off-timetable classes will alternate with the Day 1 / Day 2 schedule. Since the new jazz band teacher will only be here every Day 2, the classes cannot be fixed on every Monday or Tuesday, as they have been in the past. Therefore, Senior Jazz Band will be in the morning on Day 2 from 7:30-8:35am and Jr/Int Jazz Band will be after school Day 2 from 3:15-5:00pm. The Lord Byng Wind Ensemble will be in the morning on Day 1 from 7:10-8:35am. Off-timetable band classes will begin the second week of school starting with Jazz classes on Monday, Sept. 10 (Day 2) and the LBWE on Tuesday, Sept. 11 (Day 1). We are looking forward to seeing you soon.