Lord Byng #1 Jazz Band

This is the uniform link.

Please order your own from this website: https://amzn.to/2Pv9C7I  It is a reliable seller, I have personally ordered 6 jackets for The Phonix.  

You have already tried on my sample jacket, mine is a size 34. Please use that for reference for ordering. Shipments takes about 1-2 weeks. Our first official performance is Nov 15th at Point Grey Jazz Festival. I hope to have all the new uniforms by then. Please let me know if this is not financially feasible for your family, I will do my best to help!

Gig notice!!!

Nov 15th at Point Grey Jazz Festival (#1 Jazz ONLY)

Location: Auditorium, Point Grey Secondary, 5350 East Blvd

Time: 7:30PM call time, 8:30PM performance

Detail: 15 minutes adjudication with 30 minutes workshop, please ensure your child has safe transportation to and from the performance