To all Band students:

To all Band students:

I hope you are all well during this unprecedented time. I have been thinking of you a lot and hoping we will get to make music together again soon. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case. As you are aware, much of what we learn in band relies on developing listening skills which guide the music decisions we make in performance. Our ensembles are specifically that, “ensembles”, working together with a common goal. Our band classes can never be replicated effectively in an online format. Therefore, I will be moving to a model of solo instruction which still allows you to work towards progressing on your instrument.

Next week I will give you more details about learning opportunities moving forward and I look forward to corresponding with you in the days ahead.

Please ensure that you have your instrument at home. If it is still in the school, please retrieve it when given the opportunity of accessing your other school materials (i.e., text books, locker supplies, etc.).

As always, my email is and I’m happy to hear from you. I miss seeing you and wish we could be back making music together.

Stay safe and healthy,

Dr. MacLennan