Dear Band students and parents

Dear Band students and parents,

We are about to begin a new school year which, as you know, will be different from any previous year. In this new era of COVID-19, I want to assure you I am doing all I can to offer you the best and safest learning opportunities available. Presently, there are many unanswered questions but I want to pass onto you what I know so far.

We will be playing our band instruments this year in a safe environment.

All band classes will be offered this year, which includes four levels of concert band and two jazz bands.

I will be teaching all of the band classes.

Concerts will not be held in the auditorium but I will find a safe alternative to be announced later.

Please look at the following information which helps guide our new procedures for September:

The above excerpt is taken from the following document: k-12-covid-19-health-safety-guidlines

Video on playing wind instruments in the COVID-19 era:

Guidance for Music Classes in BC (updated 17 Aug 20)

VSB secondary schools schedule video:

Best wishes and stay safe,

Dr. MacLennan