Clarification for LBWE

There is some confusion regarding a possible extra combined rehearsal for the LBWE. THERE ISN’T A REHEARSAL TODAY AFTER SCHOOL. We will be recording our three pieces on Thursday morning, Nov 26 in the gym. More information to come in class.

LBWE 8s and 11s

This is a reminder for the LBWE grade 8s and 11s that our regular Monday class will be moved to Tuesday, October 13, next week due to the Thanksgiving weekend. Have a wonderful (thankful) weekend 🙂

Using SmartMusic

We will be using SmartMusic in all of our band classes this year and I encourage each of you to get well acquainted with this excellent software. The school has purchased a year-long subscription for each band student for each band class they’re in. Students must register for each course separately (see instructions on our…