Forms, audition sheets, & assignments

Here are some common forms and handouts used in our classes:

Tuning chart video (how to complete it):


sectional sheet

Section Leader Responsibilities

How To Practice

Attitude is everything from Dr. Tim

Why Teach Music poster

Audition material for wind and percussion students.

If you are interested in playing in the LBJS or LBSO, video record yourself playing the following excerpts and submit the file to Dr. MacLennan at

Also, these are the same excerpts for auditioning for the BCMEA Honour Band which will hopefully occur again next year. Ask Dr. Mac if you have any questions.









trombone and euphonium


snare drum and mallet percussion

Assignment: What music moves you?

What music moves you? Using the elements of music to express our opinions on the music that moves us.

Assignment: group project (2 or 3 students)

Choose two pieces of music that could be found on “Spotify”. Your choices should vary in style/genre.

After your decision has been made, email me at and tell me your choices and who is in your group. In the subject line write “What music moves you?”

To help me locate your songs faster, you could send me a Spotify link. Also, the music selection should be suitable for performance in class without any explicit/ inappropriate language. To increase the variety of choices within our class, consider picking pieces you love or hate that the majority of class members may not know (just a suggestion).

We will look at the Elements-of-music handout and use music terminology to describe your thoughts and ideas regarding the pieces you have chosen. Each group will be responsible for presenting its two pieces to the class. Following the presentations, the class will look at opportunities for comparison and contrast of the various types of music that groups have chosen.

This project is meant to be fun and not to be stressful or worrisome. It’s designed for expanding our exposure to music and the way we describe it. Your participation is important!

Please ask me if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing your presentations.